What is KissAnime? Its features and alternatives


KissAnime was one of the largest anime sites in the whole world.

The website used to offer a wide variety of anime videos, TV shows, seasons, movies, and URLs for downloading shows.

The platform was a sister company of KissManga and both have a large variety of genres ranging from action to drama respectively.

Unfortunately, the website was taken down by Japanese authorities for copyright claims.

Features of KissAnime

Here I will discuss some of the salient features of Kiss Anime.

  • The website allows you to download or stream Anime from more than 60 countries.
  • It has a vast collection of videos from different genres ranging from romance to adventure.
  • The website is free to use and you can download any anime or season without any hidden charges.
  • KissAnime is protected by SSL certification which makes it very safe to browse.
  • However, the website has been taken down after multiple complaints from Japanese authorities in 2020.

KissAnime APK

There are two ways by which KissAnime could be accessed.

One is directly entering the URL and visiting its official website.

On the other hand, if you are using an Android smartphone then you can also download its application from the APK store.

Does KissAnime still work?

No, the website stopped working in August of 2020.

The Japanese Anime creators have brought multiple lawsuits and charges against KissAnime.com for breaching copyright laws.

Now there is no way people can access the website. It doesn’t even work with a VPN.

How to watch anime for free?

Since KissAnime has stopped working therefore here are some alternatives that can allow you to watch free anime.

The figure below shows different sites that still offer free anime and are operational to date.

If you are interested in watching online movies then you can also check out Queenslandmax.

NameCountries where these sites workAd irritating levelDo they support VPNAre they working?
Anime planetUS, India, ASEAN, and Canada1YesYes
FunimationUSA, UK, and India0NOYes
CrunchyrollPhilippines, US, Europe3YesYes

Top Alternatives of KissAnime

Here we will discuss the top five alternatives of KissAnime and their salient features.


Crunchyroll is one of the popular and active anime sites where you can stream and download your favorite cartoons and TV shows for free.

The site is available across the globe except in China, Germany, and Japan respectively.

Another important feature of Crunchyroll is that you can also add reviews after watching anime.


ConTv is a quite popular application for watching online shows and videos related to Anime and Manga. There is also a dedicated smartphone application for ConTv.

You can add new shows to the wish list and watch them later.

The site is supported by VPN and doesn’t contain any major annoying Ads.

Anime Planet

It is also a popular site for watching and downloading anime.

The website has more than 50,000 anime episodes and is quite similar to the likes of KissAnime.

The site provides recommendations based on your preferences and watches history.

Unfortunately, there is no official application available for smartphones so you have to watch it online.


The site is quite friendly and its user interface is simple.

This makes Funimation a popular choice for watching Anime.

The website is available across the globe and is very VPN friendly.

However, the site contains lots of ads that might disrupt the user experience.

Final words

KissAnime was a popular and most visited site for watching and downloading the latest Anime.

The website offers a large genre of shows from all major categories.

Unfortunately, the site has stopped working in 2020 amid copyright lawsuits brought by Japanese creators.

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