Special Ed-A Famous US based Rap singer

Special Ed


Special Ed is an American rapper who we can consider the founder of Rap music in the American music industry.

Special Ed belongs to the black community but he never met with racial discrimination in flourishing his career as a singer.

Special Ed was born on 16 May 1972 in Brooklyn, New York USA.

He was born into a family of Jamaican-American.

Special Ed was known as Edward K. Archer before landing in the music industry.

He made his debut back in 1989 when he was just 17 years old.

Special Ed was obsessed with Rap music, that’s why he flourish himself as a Rap singer in the Era of pop music.

Birth name Edward K. Archer
Born May 16, 1972
Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genre Rapper
Years Active 1989-present
Labels Semi records


Edward K. Archer known as Special Ed before moving to Canarsie was located in Flatbush where he spent the initial days of his life.

He joined the Erasmus Hall high school when he was fifteen.

He joined the Howle tree (his neighbor) to establish the rapport that is also considered the first step of Special Ed toward music.

Howle tree and Special Ed worked together and launch their first-ever album in 1989 named “Youngest in charge”.

Special Ed got fame with his very first album when his song “I got it made “achieve skyrocketed popularity.

The other famous song on this album was “Think about it” & “I’m the magnificent” and also achieve the same fate as “I got it made”.

This album was produced by the collaboration of Howle tree which has paved the way for the success of Special Ed.

Special Ed not only composed the music for his album but also wrote the lyrics of his first album.

Special Ed was a creative writer during his school tenure and was interested in creative writing.

Special Ed’s first album made him popular overnight as half a million copies sold out within no time.

Special Ed released his second album named “Legal” in 1990.

Later on, Special Ed works with the supergroup and performs on many occasions with the collaboration of this group.

In 2004 Ed released another album “I got it made” under the label of “Semis record”.

Album & Movies

Special Ed has achieved much success in the music industry through his unique singing.

He introduced the new taste of singing known as “Rap” in music when the USA music industry was enriched with pop & rock music.

Special Ed has made many followers through his Rap singing within no time.

He released five albums that have placed him on the top in the music industry.

Year Album Name
1989 Youngest in charge
1990 Legal
1995 Revolutions
2000 The best of Special Ed
2004 Still Got It Made

Special Ed has no boundaries when it comes to talent.

He has not made fan following through his music or Rap but also imprint a mark with his acting skills.

He Act in a movie in 1992 named “Fly By Night”. Special Ed only acts in this movie and later on concentrated on his music.

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