How we can create effective content for a blog?

how we can create effective content for blogwriting

Blog writing is not as easy as it seems, as we have to consider a lot of factors while writing a blog.

There are a lot of parameters that we have to follow to write effective content for the blog.

We must be aware of most research keywords by the audience or what audience haunting on the web.

The most searched topic on the web would be feasible content for blog writing considering the fact that it must meet the criteria of our site, magazine, and column niche.

Blog writing is used to facilitate the audience about their search quires or problems, we usually address those problems in our blog that the audience looking for.

Our blog must fulfill the requirement of the audience.

Tips to write effective content for a blog

  • Choose the topic based on the research.
  • Check its search volume globally on paid or free SEO tools.
  • Afterward, make sure it should be relative to your niche.
  • Choose an attractive title for your blog.
  • Use zero position Keywords in your blog
  • Pick low competition and low Kd keywords for your blog.
  • Make sure the appropriate stuffing of focus Keywords in your blog.
  • Write quality content based on proper search.
  • Make sure to address the questions of the audience in your blog.
  • Choose the most search keywords on the web by the audience regarding your topic as “H2”.
  • Make sure to use simple sentence structure in your blog.
  • Use proper Hook lines in your blog.
  • Don’t use too many quotes in your blog as it falls into plagiarism.
  • Google not rank the article that is full of plagiarism.
  • Use proper images in your blog that reflect your content in the blog.
  • Do proper interlinking of your blog, Google value the blog contains interlinking as well as outbound links.
  • Re-read your blog before publishing.
  • Always write the “Conclusion” in your blogs.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraph shorts.

How your blog should look alike

There are several factors that need to be considered while writing the blog but most importantly it should divide into three components.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

These three components stamp the success of your blog if the quality of content is not compromised.


The user needs to start with the introductory paragraph and should tell the audience about the chosen product.

Tell them what you are going to cover in this blog.

Present a brief introduction of your product to the audience and it should not be more than 200 words while writing a blog of 1000 words.


In this part of the blog, you have to describe each and every aspect of your chosen product or topic.

Tell the audience about the advantages and disadvantages of the product features of the product, details, and description of your product.

In this part of the blog you have to present to the audience every aspect of your chosen product.

Make sure the quality of the content and easy sentence structure as it is necessary for the success of the blog.

This part of the blog should not exceed more than 750 words if you are writing a blog of 1000 words. Use proper subheadings in this portion and label it as “H2”.


This is the final part of your blog and should be comprised of 150 words in a blog of 100o words.

In this part of the blog just wrap up the things and present this portion of the blog as a summary of your whole blog.

It should be written in a way that the audience catches your point after reading the conclusion of your blog. Use this part of the blog as “H3”

Core components of your blog

  • Easy English
  • Focus on Title
  • Research & Ingredients
  • Content-type
  • Call to action
  • FAQ’s

Do SEO of your blog

SEO is the most necessary part of the blog and it is considered the pillar of the Blog.

Without doing SEO of your blog your blog is not worthy and it can’t get ranked on Google.

The most important part of the SEO is “Title” followed by the Interlinking, outbound linking, Feature images, and subheadings.

Keep the title attractive

While writing the blog, one of the key parameters that determine the success of your blog is the “Title of the blog”.

The more attractive and search-based tile you own for the blog, the more the chances the blog will get a better ranking on Google.

Keep your title optimized and keep its length short. Users need to optimize the title of the blog before other ingredients of the blog.

What steps you  should follow before publishing the blog

There are a few steps mentioned below that you must follow before publishing your content.

  • Make sure you have done proofreading of your blog.
  • Edit and make changes if necessary.
  • Make sure you have published the feature image for your blog.
  • Check internal linking and outbound linking before publishing the blog.

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