How To Use Tik Followers App- Features and Guidelines


Tikfollowers is a web-based free social media hack application that is primarily used to boost Tik Tok followers and views.

This free app is available on the Google play store and is also accessible through its website.

Tik followers app is facilitating many Tik Tok users to boost their social media engagements and enhance their post reachability.

This free social hack tool allows its users to increase their views on video content and followers on their Tik Tok profiles.

Tik followers is equally good for all the accounts whether it’s a new account or an old one.

This app equally facilitates all accounts and increases their post engagements and grants them free view followers and views on their video content.

Tikfollowers apk

Tikfollowers is an app that grants free followers to many Tik Tok users without charging any amount, unlike other social hacks tools and apps.

This free app is available in APK file format and is only accessible to Android users.

Users can download Tik Followers app in APK file format via Google or can directly download this app from the Google play store.

This app’s main objective is to grant free followers to all the Tik Tok users and boost views on their web content.

Tikfollowers unlimited coins

Tik followers app is a free app that works in a manner that requires its users to spend coins to get followers or views on their Tik Tok account.

Users can earn unlimited free coins on this app without spending any amount. After earning coins, this app permits its users to get followers or views on their Tik Tok accounts.  

Users need to earn coins that can be exchanged later with free followers or views on your web content.

These coins can be earned by performing a different task that will be assigned by the app.

This task might ask you to follow other creators or accounts, when you follow other accounts you will be granted a specific amount of coins.

Tikfollowers mod apk

This app doesn’t charge any specific amount to permit its users to boost their post engagements.

Tik followers app perfectly works for all android users and facilitates them with free followers and views.

This app is not accessible to IOS users due to its immense security system.

Tik followers is available in APK file format and users can directly Download it in mod APK file format by clicking on this option.

Tikfollowers 100k followers

Users can get unlimited free followers and views on their profiles after spending a specific amount of earned coins.

This app allows its users to get a number of followers and views but it all depends upon the number of coins users have in their accounts.

Tikfollowers app permits to get 100k followers but not at once, users can get a maximum of 30 followers at a time after spending earned coins.

Users guide

  • Tik followers can be accessible from the Google play store or directly from its website on Google.
  • Now users need to choose the desired option of “Free TikTok likes” or “TikTok free followers”.
  • After choosing the desired option, Users need to provide a “Username” to proceed further.
  • Confirm your account, and press the option of “Send followers”.
  • Users will get the confirmation of free followers/likes on their devices, press okay to proceed with the order
  • Now you will get free followers or likes within 60 seconds.


  • Free social hack app
  • Grants unlimited followers and views
  • Easy to use
  • Available on the Google store
  • APK file size doesn’t occupy too much space as it is 10MB only.
  • Order proceeding time is less than 1 minute.
  • Fast delivery compared to other free social apps
  • Multiple accounts can use this app after logging out of the existing account on this app.


File size33MB
Ratings4.0 Star
Required Android5.0 and Up
File formatAPK file
Offered ByHeyoppa

Advantages & Disadvantages

Free appNot available to IOS users
Unlimited free followers and viewsThe app requires an Android version of 5.0 and up
File size in APK does not occupy too much spaceAds and promotions occurred on several occasions
Never breach a user’s dataApp available on Google play store  has a file size of 33MB
Order proceeding time is less than 60 secondsThe app sometimes gets down when the server is too busy
Tik followers app Provides followers from real-time working IDsFollowers may unfollow at any time
Friendly user interface and fast deliveryRequire coins to grant followers or views

Is it Legit or Scam?

This app is available on the Google play store with a rating of 4.0 Star and is also available in APK file format.

Tikfollowers is perfectly working in many regions of the globe and facilitating its users by granting them free followers and views on their Tik Tok accounts.

This app has 100k+ downloads and does not require a password from its users which indicates it never breach user’ data and 100% secure platform.

Alternatives to tikfollowers

There are many social free hack apps and tools that are perfectly working to grant their users free followers or likes on their social media profiles.

Tik followers app is also one of them that grants free followers and views to its users without charging any amount.

There are many other similar apps that are 100% secure and spam-free and facilitate users to boost their social media profiles.

These apps are “ Zefoy, Getmoreinsta , Nakrutka, fbsub, popular up, My tools town, IGbest etc.

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If you are still wondering how to get free Tik Tok followers and views to boost your profile then this app would solve your hurdle.

This app has eradicated the allocation of budget to boost Tik Tok profiles and to target more audience.

Tik followers is a 100% authentic and secure platform that has 100k+ downloads on the Google play store.

This app is providing free followers to its users from real-time working IDs.

These are the features that are paving the way for success for this app and make this app stand tall among competitors.

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