How to remove plagiarism with the help of Ai tools?

Plagiarism remover

Ai tools or paraphrasing applications have become immensely popular in the SEO world.

People are using Ai tools to rewrite articles and produce unique content without even needing to hustle. In this blog, I would be sharing various ways how to remove plagiarism with the help of Ai tools.


This is one of the popular choices by SEO experts for removing plagiarism and producing unique content. It makes use of Ai algorithms to produce quality content that could be utilized for various purposes.

The Ai tool has several options for paraphrasing content which include simple, advanced, fluency, and creative. Another strategic benefit of Prepostseo is that it’s free to use.

The tool is available in 8 different languages and provides SEO-friendly content for blogging.

Paraphrasing tool

A paraphrasing tool could also be used to remove plagiarism from the content. 

It provides one of the most authentic results and utilized advanced artificial intelligence software for producing content.

It doesn’t change the sentence structure and the tone of content remains intact even after removing plagiarism.

The tool has a wide pool of vocabulary that allows users to change words.

It offers both manual and automatic adjustment for words and sentence structuring respectively.

Word Ai

Word Ai is one of the popular and paid options for removing plagiarism from the content. It is way more advanced than free options like Spinbot.

The tool is available in different languages like English, Italian and French respectively.

It can process multiple articles at once and you can also avail its free 3 days trial offer.

However, it comes with different plans and ranges from 50$ a month to 350$ for a year.

The content generated by word Ai is of supreme quality and it helps users to remove plagiarism from their content.

Spinner chief

Spinner Chief is another option for eradicating plagiarism from the content.

It comes with both paid and free plans.

The free plans have various restrictions and advanced Ai features can only be accessed by the paid plan. The spinner chief supports more than 20 languages on its portal therefore its pool variety is huge.

You can also use spinner chief for posting social blogs on websites and guest posting purposes.

There are also multiple plans on yearly basis depending upon features and needs.

A regular package would cost around 175$ whereas the updated version would be around 270$ respectively.

Chimp Rewriter

The chimp rewriter is paid tool that comes with monthly and yearly subscription packages.

It offers several options for removing plagiarism.

You can either make use of the manual option which provides an opportunity for the user to make necessary adjustments.

Similarly, there is also an automatic option where you have to just paste an entire paragraph and it will paraphrase it with Ai algorithms.

It is more suited for SEO purposes as it contains features to support optimized articles.

It’s considerably cheaper than other paid services and hovers around 15$ every month. You can also access their free 14 days trial by signing by email.


There are multiple ways to remove plagiarism with the help of Ai tools.

The above-mentioned applications would help users in generating unique content along with zero plagiarism.

People can use it for generating blogs for their sites or use it for amazon’s affiliate marketing purposes.

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