How to get likes and followers from zefoy app


Zefoy is a free web-based social tool that allows its users to increase Instagram engagements and to analyze social performances.

It is also known as which helps its customers to boost their Instagram profiles.

This app grants free likes and followers for all the users to enhance yield on their posts.

Zefoy is working in Indonesia and grabbing the attention of users across the country.

It helps its users to reach out to the community of Instagram without using excess hashtags.  

This app allows its users to manage and boost their Instagram profiles without spending any amount.

Zefoy APK download

Zefoy app is perfectly working on all devices except IOS users due to its excess security lockout.

Users can have access to this app after downloading the app in APK file format.  

This app is available only in APK file format. The file size of this APK file is only 3.7MB and doesn’t occupy too much space on your device.

Zefoy app had a file size of 9.7MB before the update, but after the update, its file size shrank to 3.7MB only.

Zefoy for Instagram

Zefoy has eradicated the usage of money to boost Instagram profiles.

This app permits its users to get the bulk of free likes and followers on Instagram.

Zefoy has made it pretty easy for the influencers and celebrities on Instagram to manage their profiles.

This app has made sure the reachability of its users to maximum n umber of individuals through free followers and free likes features.

Instagram users simply can get unlimited free likes and followers without spending whopping amounts. Users can get followers and likes from the real working IDs.

Zefoy update

This app is only available for android users and in APK file format.

Zefoy had a file size of 9.7MB before the last update where it was reduced from 9.7MB to 3.7MB only.

After the update, this app additionally introduces many new features to boost Instagram profiles.

Once the update is done, this app ensure the interest of Instagram influencers, brands, and pages by offering them a bulk of followers at once.

After the update, this app also reduced the order proceeding time to engage the individuals.  

Zefoy for Tik Tok

Zefoy is equally good for Tik Tok as it is for Instagram.

It is specially designed to engage the users of social media.

This app enhances the followers and views of the users of Tik Tok without charging any amount.

Zefoy makes sure the usage of real working IDs boosts the followers of the Tik Tok profiles.

Tik Tok users can get maximum views and followers on their profiles without spending any amount.

This app helps its users to reach out to several people through their video content.

Users can spend coins to get free views on their video content and to increase their followers.

Zefoy Youtube

This social tool also benefits its youtube users by granting free subscribers and views on video content.

Users can boost their views on video content and subscribers through this app.

This app permits its users to enhance their youtube profiles without spending a single penny.


File size3.7MB latest
File formatAPK
Developed byZEFOY.ID

Users guide

  • Search “” on Google.
  • The browser might ask “captcha” to fill or ask human verification to proceed further.
  • After proceeding, the user will get the tab with several desired options.
  • Select your desired option and press “click”.
  • Now users need to provide the URL of their post in the search bar to get the result.
  • The new interface will open having the option of “preview”.  
  • Click preview and further click on the option of “send”.
  • The user will get the desired result within 30 minutes.

Zefoy alternatives

There are multiple apps that are working in the same manner as Zefoy does.

These apps are also free and do not charge any hidden charges from their users to grant free followers or likes.

Free apps are Nakrutka, popular up, my tools town. Free get followers,Pikdo etc.

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  • Manage multiple social profiles
  • Boost posts
  • It Boost followers and views on video content
  • ROI for influencers
  • Provides real-time engagements

Advantages and Disadvantages

Free appOnly Available for the Android version
The file size is too shortAds and promotions
Provides followers from real working IDsWorking in Indonesia
Spam free and authenticRequire log-in details
Available in the latest versionTake time to proceed with orders

 Is it safe or a scam?

There are many apps and tools that grant their users free likes and followers without charging any amount.

But the only drawback that comes out while using such apps is that these apps compromise users’ data.

Zefoy is perfectly working in Indonesia without compromising the user’s data and without charging any hidden charges.

This app is 100% authentic and spam-free and perfectly working for its users in Indonesia.

Final verdict

Zefoy has managed to grab the user’s attention with its unique features in a short span of time.  

This app is equally good for all the social media platforms like Tik Tok, Youtube, and Instagram.

Zefoy tool ensures the followers for its users from the real working IDs and boosts views on video content as well.

This app allows its users to get free followers and views on video content without spending whopping amounts.

There are several features that make this app trustworthy and popular among its users and successfully managing to outrank its competitors.

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