How much is a tune-up cost at Walmart?

Tune Up cost at Walmart

Tune-up cost mostly refers to auto service cost in general terms.

The term tune-up cost has been used for older models but in recent trends, this term is generally not used.

Every car requires maintenance and repairs and Walmart is a wonderful place to get it done.

In this blog, I would be sharing information regarding auto service costs at Walmart and what does it include.

What exactly does the tune-up cost?

The auto service or tune-up cost at Walmart depends upon your personal needs.

It would solely be determined by your model and the level of repairs one is looking for.

Normally on average tune-up cost hovers around anywhere between 50$ to 160$ which primarily includes the replacement of fuel plugs and their inspection.

However, if you are looking for a standard service then it ranges from 250$ to 700$.

This will cover fuel plugs, inspection, air filters, valves, and rotors for instance.

If you are looking for affordable options, always buy directly from the Walmart auto store.

What is covered in tune-ups?

The auto service will cover a whole bunch of things. These are listed below

  • Fuel or spark plugs
  • PVC valves
  • Rotors
  • Air Filters
  • Cleaning of fuel system
  • Removing debris from the throttle system
  • Replacement of distributor caps
  • Checking oxygen sensors

Signs for tune-up cost

There are lots of signs that will indicate that your car needs urgent repairs or service.

When your engine is taking more time to start than usual and its noise has changed.

Moreover, check for efficiency and fuel mileage.

If mileage is dropping faster than it implies that your car needs an immediate tune-up.

How much is the cost of replacing tires at Walmart?

The tune-up services also include the cost of replacing tires.

Here I will provide brief detail about changing tires at Walmart.

Walmart usually charges around 12$ per tire and it also includes wheel balancing.

So if you want to replace your older tires with a new one, the tune-up cost would be 48$ for four tires.

Cost of battery replacement at Walmart

The company doesn’t charge any installation fee if the battery is purchased from the Walmart auto store. However, on the other hand, if the battery is purchased from a third party then the installation fee is 10$.

What is the price of Oil change at Walmart?

The cost of Oil Change at Walmart depends upon your needs, budget, and prior conditions of the car itself.

For instance, if the car had exceeded its mileage limit then it will cost a lot more.

Then there are standard and sub-standard packages if you are running low on budget.

  • The standard Oil change will cost around 30$ at Walmart.
  • However, if your car has higher mileage then the cost would be around 40$. Remember this is only recommended when a car has 75000 miles on it.
  • If you are looking for high performance, then synthetic motor oil is the best choice. This will cost around 50$.

Do we need an appointment at Walmart?

There is no need to take any sort of appointment at Walmart.

The tune-up can be done at any time.

You just have to visit your nearest Walmart auto store.

The customer support is excellent and normally people get their tune-up done within an hour or so.

How much is the cost for spark plugs?

The spark plugs depend upon preference and quality.

Higher quality spark plugs cost more whereas low budget could be bought at a cheaper rate.

The price will vary from 60$ to 100$ for spark plug replacement and labor costs would be around 50 to 350$.

The labor cost varies from state to state in the US.

When I should tune-up my car?

The tune-up could be done after completing 100,000 miles.

It also depends upon car conditions and the health of the engine.

If there is no major electronic malfunction after 25,000 miles then there is no need to do any tune-up.

If there are problems with the ignition and fuel injection system then it is highly recommended.

How much time does it take?

It takes around from anywhere 2 hours to 5 hours depending upon the conditions and repairs.

Major tune-up services offered at Walmart

  • Restoring headlights would cost 30$
  • The installation cost for headlights is 7.5$
  • Lubrication of chassis is around 4.5$
  • Engine filters are installed free in tune-up service at Walmart
  • Wiper blades are at 10$ per blade
  • Cabin filters are also around 10 to 12$
  • Lubricant change and cleaning of the fuel system would cost 40 to 45$.

The prices might differ from location to location.

Also, recent inflation hikes might have increased the cost of a tune-up at certain places.

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