Five different ways to say cat in Spanish

How to say cat in Spanish

In this blog, I will be sharing multiple ways by which you can say cat in Spanish.

The Spanish language is one of the most commonly used languages around the globe.

Having command of such language could be of extreme significance.

Roughly 700 million people across the world can understand or write in Spanish.

Let’s discuss the five popular ways.


This is one of the popular ways to say cat in Spanish.

Gato is highly understood in most Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries.

Although in English there is only one word for a cat in Spanish we can use multiple words.

You can either use Gato in the case of a female cat or Gata in the case of a male cat.

One of the interesting facts regarding Gato is that it can be used to address servants and ordinary persons as well.

Gato is mostly used for adult versions of cats in Spanish.


Another word to say cat in Spanish is gatito.

Gatito is used to address the kitten version of a cat when they are very small.

Gatito is used for the male version of cats in Spanish whereas Gatita is utilized for females respectively. The gatito is used to address affection towards cats and can also be utilized for adult cats if they are cute.


Minino could also be used to say cat in Spanish.

It can be used for both grown and young kittens. Another word for minino is minina.

They both are similar and can be used for expressing kindness, affection, and love towards kittens.

It means kitty in English.


Michi is another informal word used to say cat in Spanish.

It is valid for all types of cats either male, female, or kitty respectively.

Michi is a highly popular word in South America where the majority of states speak Spanish.

If you follow Spanish social accounts regarding cats then you might have seen this word on Instagram and TikTok.

Another interesting fact about Michi is that it is even popular in Mexico and Peru.

Although there are some minor variations such as Michin and Micho saying cat in Spanish.

Michin is used in Columbia and Michio is popular in Panama and Ecuador.

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The last on our list to say cat in Spanish is Micifuz which means kitty.

This slang is mostly used by kids and teenagers to address cats.

Many people use it as a pet name for their cat breed.

This is one of the funniest ways to express emotions towards a cat in Spanish.

It can be utilized either for informal or formal conversations.

The Micifuz is used for both males and females cats.

Some people also use it for young newborn kittens.

Final words

The blog is focused on highlighting various ways by which we can say cat in Spanish.

It has provided optimum details regarding different variations of the Spanish language for expressing the word cat.

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