Discover the Beach Beacon of Pinellas County

Beach Beacon is an innovative project in Pinellas County that aims to improve beachgoers’ safety and reduce the number of drownings. The initiative consists of placing floating beacons in designated swim areas that use Bluetooth technology to communicate with a corresponding app installed on a user’s phone. This way, lifeguards can monitor the water conditions in real-time, and beachgoers can receive alerts and tips to stay safe while enjoying the water.

Pinellas County is known for its beautiful beaches. Still, unfortunately, it’s also known for the number of drownings that occur each year. The Beach Beacon project seeks to reduce this number and provide peace of mind to both locals and tourists who visit the beach. The project’s development was the result of a collaboration between the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the local government, hoping to make the beaches safer for everyone.

The Beach Beacon program is easy to use. All you need to do is download the app on your phone and turn on Bluetooth. Once you arrive at one of the designated swim areas, you will receive a prompt to connect to the nearest beacon. From there, you will be able to receive real-time information about water conditions, including rip currents, and other potential hazards.

The system is also designed to alert beachgoers of any beach closures or advisories. In the event of an emergency, the app will also provide direct access to emergency services in the area. Beach Beacon is an excellent example of how technology can be used to enhance safety in public spaces.

Overall, the Beach Beacon project is a step in the right direction in terms of beach safety. By providing real-time information and alerts, beachgoers can be more aware of their surroundings and make informed decisions about entering the water. Pinellas County has taken an innovative approach to tackle a long-standing issue, and we look forward to seeing the project’s success in the years to come.

Beach Safety Tips

Enjoy the sun and surf, but stay safe!

Heading to the beach is a great way to spend your summer days, but it’s important to remember some safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries. Follow these tips to make sure you have a fun and safe time at the beach:

1. Check the Weather

Before heading out to the beach, check the weather forecast. Avoid going to the beach if there’s a thunderstorm or high winds. Also, be aware of the UV index and make sure to apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin.

2. Swim Near Lifeguards

Lifeguards are there for your safety, so it’s a good idea to swim near them. They will be able to help you if you get into trouble and can also give you advice on the safest areas to swim.

3. Don’t Swim Alone

It’s always best to swim with a buddy, especially if you’re not a strong swimmer. If you do decide to swim alone, make sure someone knows where you are and what time you plan to return.

4. Be Aware of Rip Currents

Rip currents are powerful currents that can pull you out to sea. Be aware of any warning signs and if you get caught in a rip current, don’t panic. Swim parallel to the shore until you escape the current, then swim back to shore.

5. Hydrate and Take Breaks

Spending hours in the sun can dehydrate you quickly. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks in the shade to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Remember, a day at the beach should be fun and relaxing, but safety should always come first. By following these simple tips, you can ensure a great day in the sun!

Parking and Access Info: What You Need to Know

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Hey there! Welcome to our venue! We’re excited to have you here, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make your visit as smooth as possible. One of the most important things to know is where to park and how to access our venue.


We have plenty of parking available on-site, so you don’t need to worry about finding a spot on the street. Our parking lot is located just behind the building, and there are signs to guide you there. If the lot is full, don’t worry! There is overflow parking available nearby, and we’ll provide you with directions when you arrive.


If you’re arriving by car, the easiest way to access our venue is via the parking lot. There is a designated entrance that will lead you directly into the building. If you’re arriving by foot or public transportation, we have a separate entrance that is clearly marked. There are also ramps available for those who need wheelchair access.

That’s it! We hope this information helps you plan your visit. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff. We’re here to make sure you have a great experience!

Water Conditions Report

Hey there! It’s time for your weekly update on water conditions. Here’s what you need to know:

Water Temperature

Water temperature has remained consistent this week, hovering around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a comfortable temperature for swimming and water activities, but be sure to wear a wetsuit or other appropriate gear if you plan on staying in for extended periods of time.

Water Clarity

The water clarity has been affected by recent rain and wind, with visibility decreasing to around 3-4 feet. While this may not be ideal for snorkeling or diving, it’s still enough for basic water activities such as swimming or paddleboarding.

Water Quality

The water quality has been deemed safe for recreational use by local authorities. However, it’s always a good idea to take precautions such as avoiding ingestion of water and washing off after swimming.

That’s all for this week’s water conditions report. Stay safe and have fun out there!

Lifeguard Schedule Updates

Hey everyone! Here’s the latest update on our lifeguard schedule:

Starting next week, we’ll be adding an extra shift to our schedule to ensure that the pool is fully covered during peak hours. This means that there will be a new lifeguard on duty from 12pm to 5pm, in addition to our regular morning and evening shifts.

We’ve also made some changes to the existing schedule to better accommodate our staff’s availability. Please take a look at the updated schedule posted near the pool entrance or on our website to see if your preferred time slot has been affected.

As always, the safety of our patrons is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to provide the best possible service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our pool manager. Thank you for your continued support!

Beach Cleanup Events

Hey, guys! Did you know that beach cleanups are a fun and easy way to help protect our oceans and marine life? Plus, you get to enjoy a day at the beach while doing something good for the environment. In this article, well be talking about 5 of the best beach cleanup events you can participate in!

Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps

Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps is an annual event that takes place in New Jersey, USA. Its a great opportunity to get involved with a large community of volunteers who share the same passion for keeping our ocean clean. The event takes place twice a year, in April and October, and volunteers can choose from over 70 cleanup sites along the New Jersey coastline.

International Coastal Cleanup

The International Coastal Cleanup is the worlds largest volunteer effort for ocean health. Every year, millions of volunteers gather together to clean up beaches, rivers, and waterways around the globe. The event takes place in September and is organized by the Ocean Conservancy.

Surfers Against Sewage Big Spring Beach Clean

Surfers Against Sewage is a UK-based charity that organizes beach cleanups throughout the year. Their Big Spring Beach Clean event takes place in April and encourages volunteers to help clean up some of the UKs most beautiful beaches. Its a great way to get involved and meet like-minded people who share your love for the ocean.

Adopt a Beach Cleanup

Adopt a Beach Cleanup is a program organized by the California Coastal Commission. The program invites volunteers to “adopt a specific section of the beach and commit to cleaning it up on a regular basis. Its a great way to make a long-term impact on your local community and help keep your favorite beach clean and beautiful.

Blue Flag Beach Cleanup

The Blue Flag Beach Cleanup is a global event that takes place in more than 40 countries around the world. Its organized by the Foundation for Environmental Education and encourages volunteers to help clean up beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag certification for their high environmental and quality standards.

So there you have it, folks! These are just a few of the many beach cleanup events that you can participate in. Remember, every little bit helps when it comes to protecting our oceans and marine life. So grab a few friends, head to the beach, and make a difference!

Beach Information

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